Lana Shows off her Pussy Piercing During a Massage

When we initially spot Lana walking along the city streets in her puffy coat, she looks like a friendly blonde. Boy, were we wrong! Though we make attempts to talk to this beautiful woman, she continues to wave us off, but we're very persistent, and finally, she decides to stop her hurried walk and have a quick chat with us. Once we finally have her attention, we let her know that we're offering free massages in the back of our truck. Though she initially seems reluctant, she does agree to step into our truck and make her final decision there.

Lana seems particularly impressed by our mobile massage studio, and she can't quite believe that nobody can see in. We finally get her relaxed and sitting on our bed, and she's happy to answer a few questions before we jump into the massage. We find out that this beautiful blonde is 24 years old and loves to keep active in her life.

She is excited for her massage, and we provide a towel for her and promise to provide privacy while she takes off all over clothing for us. We continue to keep the camera rolling, though, as this beautiful woman strips off all of her clothing, and she can't stop giggling and laughing at the uniqueness of her situation. Finally, with the towel around her body and situated laying face-down on the bed, she's ready to begin her massage.

The massage starts off innocently enough, and you'll enjoy watching our crewmember touch her bare back and legs. After Lana has begun to relax into the massage as she lays out naked in the bed of our truck, our crewmember starts to slowly tease his hands towards more intimate areas. After pushing his hands away a few times, the lovely blonde seems to relax a bit more towards our crewmember, and she's soon allowing him to touch between her thighs. His massaging hands quickly turn into probing ones as his fingers slide inside her wet pussy to massage her g-spot.

Wanting to show off more of Lana's body, we ask her to flip over, and the camera captures her pussy piercing in close-up detail as she does. Our crewmember's erotic massage continues, and he focuses his attention on the woman's breasts and chest - including lots of squeezing and massaging while she lays back and enjoys his attention. Of course, her pussy isn't ignored, and his fingers continue to massage her most sensitive areas while you get to enjoy the sounds of her wet pussy with every movement of his hands. She wants to return the favor, and she strokes his cock while laying back with her eyes closed to enjoy the pussy massage he's giving her.

After such blissful foreplay, it's no surprise that she wants even more, and our crewmember is soon filling up her pussy with his hard length. We get some of the best angles as you get to enjoy her pleasured expressed in high-definition video. She's a pro at touching herself, and Lana enjoys stroking her own clit as he fills her up from behind. This sexy couple continues to enjoy different positions in the back of our truck while Lana touches herself and breathes sensual moans of pleasure. This couple clearly prefers softer, gentler penetration, but the proof of enjoyment is in their labored breathing and moans. Watch her natural breasts bounce as they fuck until he pulls out and shoots his entire load all over her pussy and her pussy piercing.

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