Leyla Bentho shows her oral skills

When we pick Leyla out of all of the passer-bys we've seen, we have no idea she's going to be this hard to convince! In a hurry on her way to a French class at her local university, she's particularly hostile when we first start to chat her up. Running late, however, the long-haired brunette only agrees to step into our truck when we say we'll drive her to her class to get her there on time.

21 years old, this gorgeous woman seems pretty impressed by our truck. Remarking that she's never seen anything like it, this slender woman, while still in a hurry, seems to relax a bit more as we start to chat her up while waiting for our driver to arrive. Despite her frustration about being late, she warms up a bit when we offer to take photos of her in our van to show her friends. While she laughs at our suggestions and calls us perverts, she's still open to removing some of her clothing when we start to pull out the cash. She's slow to agree to our payments, but with enough negotiation, we soon have this long-haired beauty removing her bra and panties for us.

Currently single, when our crewmember sits next to her, she seems to warm up a bit to the idea of being touched. Gradually getting more comfortable with touching our crewmember, he moves from kissing her lips, to her shoulders, to her exposed breasts - all without using his hands as agreed upon. When we bring out more cash, though, our newest model agrees to let him kiss and touch wherever he'd like - even as she glances nervously at the crowds of people around right outside the truck.

Seeing the reaction she's causing, she's quick to get on her knees to suck him as he stands on the bed. After she's worked herself up with his cock, it doesn't take long until he's asking if he can lick her - and she agrees happily. Enjoy the close-up camera angle as you watch her pussy and her pleasured face at the same time. His talented hands know how to work her, and it isn't long before you'll get to listen to her juicy pussy as he strokes and sucks him off at the same time.

With as worked up as both of them have gotten, it isn't long until he's positioning himself in front of her entrance as she sits on top. Soon, he's filling her up entirely as she rides his cock. Flush with pleasure, Leyla and our crewmember switch up the positions and enjoy lovely, passionate sex in multiple positions on the bed. A city bus full of people then loads right beside our truck. A couple of the people off the bus even proceed to start taking selfies right in the middle of our scene! With such an intense, public sex experience, it isn't long until he's pulling out out of her and letting her talented oral skills pulls his entire load down her throat.

Starring:  Leyla Bentho
Tags:  Blowjob, Brunettes, Missionary, Mouthful, Sex adventures in Budapest, Small Tits, Swallow Cum, XXX Casting

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