Lien Parker Shows Off her Tattoos While Naked in Public

When Lien Parker left the house that morning, I'm sure she wasn't expecting the turn that her day took! Approached by our crew while walking on the street, this attractive woman came inside our truck to discuss more about a fashion photoshoot opportunity we were offering her. While she was initially nervous, this beautiful Hungarian woman quickly warmed up to our friendly personalities - and of course, the camera watching her every move.

Blushing under our compliments about her stunning looks, Lien starts to get even more comfortable as we pose her in various spots around our truck for photos. Her body is adorned with gorgeous and meaningful tattoos - including some in hidden places that we didn't even know about until she slipped her panties off! With nervous glances at all of the people walking about around her, Lien Parker is all smiles as our crew members photograph and touch her naked pussy.

Photographing quickly turns into pleasuring, and Lien lays back as her partner starts to lick and finger her for even more pleasures. Alternating his mouth with his fingers, he clearly knows how to hit her g-spot - and she's absolutely loving it. The oral pleasure turns into mutual pleasure as Lien shows off how useful her own hands and mouth can be.

When her partner can't take it anymore, he pushes Lien onto her side and fucks her as the camera takes in all the action - and the movement of all of the people right outside the wall of the truck. You can even hear the gentle hum of traffic as the cars drive right by our fucking couple. Lien takes her pleasure into her own hands as she fingers herself while feeling him thrust in and out of her. They even get so loud that they have to take a quick pause from the action when her cries accidentally draw the attention of the people around them!

The scene ends with Lien finally coming out of her shyness as she strokes him off to cum right in her mouth.

Starring:  Lien Parker
Tags:  Brunettes, Deepthoart, Petite, Public Sex, pussy fingering, pussy licking, Sex adventures in Budapest, Street Pickup, XXX Casting

Date Added: Jun 20, 2016

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