Loren Minardi is Public Fucking for Cash

Choosing a busy sidestreet full of cars this afternoon, we decided to find out if we could stumble upon a different type of woman than the usual girls we bring into our truck. When we see an attractive girl digging through her purse to find a lighter, we offer our own help. After all, we're always willing to lend a hand! When she lights up her cigarette, we try to engage her in conversation. A bit frustrated, Loren instantly jumps into a rant about how her girlfriend is late for their appointment. When we start to tell this beautiful brunette about our truck, she is definitely intrigued, and she agrees to check out the truck and wait for her girlfriend to show up.

Once Loren is in our truck, her frustrated demeanor seems to melt away. She's open to chatting with us, and we learn that she's a student at the local university. Soon, we're talking her into posing for our crewmember. While we have to agree to take all of the photos with her own phone so she can keep the photos private, she's happy to adopt a few poses to celebrate her time in our truck.

Seeing she's such a natural in front of the camera, we're soon opening our wallets and pulling out cash to convince Loren to start to pull off her clothing. It doesn't take much for her to unbutton her white, professional shirt to expose her black bra underneath. More cash and more negotiation, and this long-haired brunette is soon almost naked in front of us! You'll enjoy a front-row seat as we capture all of the action in high-definition. Enjoy the look of her natural, beautiful breasts as she stands in her panties in front of us.

Exposing her lovely tits quickly leads to our crewmember's devoted attention to licking her nipples. Though Loren looks around the truck and expresses concern about people on the busy street being able to see her, this certainly doesn't seem to stop him from touching her! Her black, lacy panties soon get pushed to the side as this lovely woman enjoys the pleasures of our crewmember's talented hands and mouth.

Loren soon wants to repay the favor, and our crewmember lays back on the bed while she slips his cock down her throat while his fingers continue to stroke her wet pussy. Enjoy the close-up shots of all of the pleasure as our newest model continues to moan and whimper with a thick cock in her mouth.

After all of the delicious foreplay, it's no wonder that the two of them start the fucking hot and heavy! Loren quickly climbs right on top, and the camera is right in the action as you watch her pussy stretch to accommodate his cock. If you love watching a thick, perky ass bounce during sex, you're going to absolutely love every second with this sexy girl! The couple explores other positions, but no matter what they're doing, you'll get to listen to her sexy moans while she's fucked over and over. After such enjoyable fucking, the scene ends as he shoots his load all over her bare, well-fucked pussy.

Starring:  Loren Minardi
Tags:  Brunettes, Cum on Pussy, Fingering, Petite, Piercing, Public Sex, Sex adventures in Budapest, Street Pickup, Tattoos, XXX Casting

Date Added: Sep 10, 2016

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