Lucia Denvile face-fucked by the masseur

We're quickly finding out that popular tourist spots are becoming one of the easiest ways to find hot young women. Many of the women seem to be enjoying the sights of our popular European on their own, and this morning is no different. We introduce ourselves to the lovely Lucia when we see her gazing hapilly over some of the beautiful city sights. Though she's pretty friendly towards us, we figure we should quickly get to our point. Though this raven-haired beauty doesn't speak much English, our crewmember is able to translate and tell us exactly what this young woman is saying. Pitching our idea for a free massage back in our truck does the trick, though, and soon she's stepping into our warm see-through truck to enjoy herself!

Once she's inside, we head straight into the massage. Handing her some massage clothing, Lucia doesn't seem particularly shy, and she doesn't even ask for any privacy as she strips naked. You're going to love watching the crowds of tourists walk right next to Lucia as her pussy and ass are entirely exposed! Our BoxTruck always makes for some of the best views.

Now that she's in her massage clothing, she's happy to lay down on our massage bed and jump straight into the relaxing touch of our crewmember. Clearly comfortable in front of our crew, she instantly relaxes into our crewmember's touch, and our camera films the entire scope of this athletic woman's body as she lays on our bed. As the two of them continue to make conversation, his hands start to wander underneath the skimpy fabric of her massage underwear - and she seems happy to let him explore. Stripping off the panties comes next, and Lucia is more-than-happy to oblige as his fingers start to explore her already-wet pussy.

His fingers soon turn into more, and Lucia's pussy ends up in the air for an orgasmic pussy licking and rimming session as tourists walk by right outsisde the walls of the truck. We're surprised they can't hear her pleasured moans! It only takes a little bit more playtime before she clearly wants to return the favor, and she unzips his massage pants to stroke him while his fingers are deep within her hole. As fact, as his fingers fuck her even harder, Lucia begins to squirt all over the bed! Now that's a surprise we certainly love to see!

Her mess now made on the bed, she wants to make our crewmember feel just as good, and she gets onto her knees on the bed to slip his cock into her mouth. She clearly loves giving oral as she happily takes his full length while he fucks her face and enjoys every second of it.

Now that they both have had their fill of foreplay, it's time for even more pleasure to begin, and Lucia bends over for our crewmember to fill her up with his length. You're going to love watching as this adventurous couple tries all of the positions possible in the back of our truck. Lucia will take it from-behind, ride it herself, and will energetically suck him off between positions. We capture every second of the fucking in high-definition video with some of the best angles of Lucia fingering her pussy and her orgasmic expressions. You'll love listening to her soft moans of pleasure partnered with her heavy breathing as she uses all of her energy to fill herself up over and over. She takes his length again and again until she's rewarded with his load all over her shaved pussy.

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