Lydia Lust throat fucked

When we approach this beautiful Canadian woman on the streets with a request to chat with her, she's a bit put-off, but she agrees to little chat with us after confessing how attractive she finds our crewmember. With a friendly and chatty personality, this brunette agrees to come inside our truck to learn more about it. With a comfortable rapport with our crewmember, she quickly agrees to demonstrate the kickboxing skills she's been bragging about.

After demonstrating that she could kick all of our asses, the outspoken brunette moves onto taking off her pants to cool herself off. Outfitted in a bustier and flattering lavendar panties, our newest model is happily to show off her flexibility as she slides into the splits while remarking that everyone outside had better be enjoying her assets. Slipping quickly into full-body stimulation, the brunette challenges our crewmember to a wrestling match. It doesn't take long until she ends up on her back with him on top - which she quickly confesses she did on purpose.

Getting even steamier in the truck, Lydia asks if she can remove her bra and panties too - revealing the slender body she's built with her kickboxing and active personality. Proactive in getting what she wants, the sexy brunette lays back onto the bed and slips her hand between her legs to tease our crew. Her tease works perfectly, and she's soon slipping his hard cock deep down her throat. He fucks her throat as she lays back on the bed - smiling and giggling as he starts to get rougher.

Our male crewmember is quickly surprised by how tight Lydia's pussy is as he slides his fingers in. After working her a bit looser, he's still surprised to find that his entire length barely fits inside of her. Making her watch the strangers walking outside as he takes her from behind, he's quick to point out that people are probably staring because the truck is shaking. Both of them show off their athletic prowess as they fuck in intense positions, including oral 69, with a passionate and playful attitude of lovers who have known each other for years.

With a playful smile while dripping sweat and breathing heavy from their fucking, Lydia confesses that she wants our crewmember to cum directly down her throat. It's her favorite way to take it. After her confession, he grips her hair and forces her lips down his cock for a rough and intense blowjob that steams up the truck and ends with his huge load down her throat. With tears in her eyes and her face flushed with extertion, she smiles and lets us watch as she tries to fix her hair to leave the truck after that passionate session.

Starring:  Lydia Lust
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