Marissa puts a dildo in her ass while the masseur fucks her pussy

We can't believe our luck when we see the lovely Marissa walking down the sidewalk. She looks like a curvy dream! Friendly and outgoing, this woman is happy to listen to our pitch, and it doesn't take much convincing to get her to step into our truck. After all, what woman can turn down a free massage? Marissa certainly can't!

We jump straight into the massage, and we promise Marissa some privacy as she changes out of her business attire: a pencil skirt and top. Don't worry - we keep the camera rolling as our crew turns around! Marissa strips off all of her clothing, and she's soon laying face-down onto our bed to begin the massage. Of course, she's none the wiser about the camera.

Our crewmember's hands jump straight into working their magic, and you'll get to watch as he focuses his attention on all of the sore and tense spots of her body. Enjoy the view of the brunette's curvy ass with bikini bottom tan lines. Watch her ample chest getting pressed up against the bed as her face contorts in relaxation and pleasure as he rubs oil all over her body.

It soon turns into a full-body massage, and you'll love watching Marissa's curvy ass slide underneath his fingertips. You'll be able to imagine you're stroking that lovely butt! The massage soon progresses further, and you'll get to watch as he begins his famed "yoni massage". Marissa instantly seems to love his hands between her thighs, and she reaches over to return the favor by stroking his length in his underwear. He clearly can't keep his hands off of her as she massages her huge breasts and wet pussy. She loves his attention, and it's clear she wants more as soon as possible. It seems the massage is definitely a good prelude for hardcore sex in public!

A powerful vibrator is pressed up against her pussy as she sucks him off, and we bring you some of the best angles of her curling toes and her wet pussy as she enjoys every moment inside of our truck. After watching the vibrator do its job, our crewmember wants to cause that pleasure himself, and her legs are spread wide as he squeezes her breasts with his face buried between her thighs. The pleasure continues as she takes his cock entirely down her throat. Clearly a pro at deep-throating, she enjoys having her throat shoved down on his cock as her ample chest bounces with every push. Enjoy one of our most intense and longest-running deep throating and blowjob scenes. She's clearly in love with it!

After such intense foreplay, it's no surprise that he wants to be in her, and she gets shoved onto the bed to get filled with his cock. She enjoys rough fucking in public as much as she loved rough blowjobs, and she constantly moans and confesses her dirty thoughts as she's filled up over and over. A glutton for more pleasure, this beautiful brunette reaches her own fingers into her ass as her hole gets fucked with his cock while her tits bounce with every rough thrust. The fingers soon turn into more, and Marissa is fucking her ass with a vibrator with a cock filling her pussy at the same time.

It's no surprise that such a passionate fuck would get him off, and the scene ends as he shoots his load all over her bare and swollen pussy. We know it's a time in our truck she won't forget!

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