Mia Evans tries to get into the adult modeling business

Unlike most of our models, meeting up with Mia was pretty easy - after all, she was just sitting on a sidewalk bench on her cell phone. You could say that she was just waiting for us! Though she doesn't speak much English, we manage to communicate our interest in inviting this raven-haired beauty back to our truck for modeling. As a student, she doesn't make much money, and she seems interested in an easy gig that will help her make more.

19 years old, Mia seems extremely impressed by our truck as soon as she steps inside. We jump straight into the photoshoot, and as Mia says she's modeled before, she knows exactly what to do! We barely have to direct her as she gets into sensual poses in the back of our truck. Our first couple shots are enough to know that we need to see more, though! As our crewmember opens up his wallet and pulls out some cash, Mia agrees to strip off her dress - which leaves her in her beautiful matching bra and panties as she poses for more photos.

Clearly an enterpreneur, this athletic woman is open to stripping off even more clothing as long as we compensate her well. As more cash gets exchanged, this long-haired woman is willing to pull off all of her underwear. Soon, she's standing entirely exposed in our truck while European tourists walk around on the sidewalk streets all around her!

With another big payment, Mia is willing to spread her legs and let our crewmember put his head between her thighs. She clearly enjoys his talents as she squirms and enjoys every second of his mouth and fingers. After he's done such a good job, though, she wants to repay the favor, and she gets on her knees in front of him to suck off his long length. Using her hands and her throat as best she can, this slender woman cautiously sucks the largest cock she's probably ever seen!

This couple clearly can't keep their hands off one another, though, and they quickly move straight into the main event. She barely looks large enough to fit his cock, but she moans in pleasure and enjoyment as she gets filled up over and over. She enjoys taking the lead, and you'll get to watch her petite body bounce up and down on his length as she enjoys a fuck in public. Listen to her soft, pleasured moans with every movement she makes while her long hair tickles their skin.

You're going to love watching Mia enjoying truck sex in high-definition video! We capture the best angles of her passionate affair while the busy European streets go on right behind their exposed bodies! Enjoy watching this raven-haired woman's passionate expressions - or how swollen her pussy gets as she has the best public sex of her life.

The scene ends as he shoots his load all over her stretched pussy.

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