Minnie Manga learns how to lick a wet pussy

When our crewmember Jack introduces himself to Minnie Manga on the street, it's clear that she enjoys standing out from a crowd. Outfitted in a form-fitting outfit with a bright yellow bag and athletic shoes, Minnie Manga tells that she's coming from her Krav Maga martial arts class. When we offer her a free professional massage to help deal with any of her workout soreness, she's happy to take us up on the offer.

Once we welcome her into our truck, she's pleased to find that we have a female crewmember to provide her massage today. Our red-haired massage client seems unbothered by the mass of strangers walking around right outside the truck as she takes off her clothing and changes into the massage undergarments that we have provided. Of course, we wouldn't miss this opportunity to show you her beautifully sexy body as she changes.

After she's changed, Minnie lays down on our massage couch and lets our masseuse climb onto her thighs to begin the relaxing massage that she's earned after a tough workout. Watch as our crewmember's slender hands caress some of the most intimate parts of Minnie. If you love the gentle curves of a slender woman's legs, you'll love watching this as the masseuse pays special attention to our newest client's stunning thighs and calves.

As Minnie starts to relax into our masseuse's perfect touch, she finds herself ready as our crewmember starts to grow bolder in her touch. Soon, the masseuse is massaging Minnie's pussy with her tongue as the gorgeous red-head cries out in pleasure. As their enjoyment mounts, both of these beautiful women end up entirely naked for you to see.

These two women's playful attitudes start to shine as they enjoy each other's bodies with their hands, lips, and tongues. After enjoying a steamy make-out session, Minnie climbs on top of her female companion to lick each other at the same time. After that, the mechanical toys come out, and our crewmember enjoys sliding a vibrating toy straight into Minnie's tight pussy. Eager to return the favor, our newest client slips her head between her masseuse's thighs and flicks her clit until our slender crewmember has an orgasm right on our own casting couch!

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