Naomie sucks a huge cock on her knees

Though we've been shot down multiple times this morning, we continue to persevere, and lucky for us, the next woman to walk down the street is the lovely Naomie. While it takes a bit to convince her to stop to talk to us, she finally agrees to chat with us when we let her know that we're offering a paid photoshoot in our truck - and we want her to be our next model! Though she's a bit nervous about the idea, the money draws her in.

The brunette seems a bit confused by our mobile studio, but we explain all of the benefits of shooting within a see-through truck like this. Realizing the photoshoot offer is a real offer now, Naomie seems to get more excited, and we push her straight into posing for the camera. Great at taking direction and doing exactly what we want, Naomie continues to look around nervously at the busy streets around the truck while she poses. You're going to love seeing how great her butt looks in her skin-tight grey leggings! With such an amazing body showing through her clothes, we know we need to see more of it unclothed, and our crewmember pulls out his wallet and offers the brunette some cash to strip down to her underwear.

Though she refuses and is nervous at first, reminding her of all of the money she could make pushes her forward, and she slowly and teasingly pulls off her shirt to reveal her lacy bra. The heat does the next step for us, and as this woman complains about the summer temperatures, she offers to strip off more of her clothing to get comfortable in the truck. Soon, she's posing in nothing but her skimpy leopard thong! With a bit more convincing, the thong slides off, and Naomie is bending over to show off her perfect pussy and curvy ass. She'd definitely be perfect for the work we want!

It turns out she's interested too, and we ask her to lay back on our bed and play with herself for the camera. She confesses she's extremely wet, and she doesn't seem to mind as we take photos and record her pleasure while she fondles her breasts and rubs her pussy.

We know it's time to take advantage of her arousal in this situation, and Naomie is soon on her knees in front of our crewmember as she strokes his hard length. A bit of stroking leads to even more, and as she remarks about how large it is, she slides it into her mouth.

She doesn't spend much time sucking it before she wants to experience his length in her other holes. While she stands up against the wall of the truck right above two people sitting on a sidewalk bench, she gets filled up with every inch of his length. After experiencing him from behind, she wants to explore all of the positions she can get filled in, and you'll get to watch as this hot brunette takes his cock over and over while she touches her pussy. Enjoy the view of her perfect, curvy butt riding his cock as she gets on top to fill herself up over and over. We capture every second of their fucking with high-definition video you can enjoy again and again.

After such an intense pounding, she can't wait to receive her reward, and our crewmember pulls out to shoot his cum all over her curvy ass and back.

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