Nataly Gold Gives a Handjob to a Stranger

We know the best place to find attractive women with some extra time on their hands: the local mall! This crowded parking lot is where we run across the beautiful Nataly Gold. On her way to shop for some gifts for her loved ones, this student is open to chatting with us as she continues to walk towards the mall. Studying photography, it only takes an offer to teach her new photography techniques in order to get this lovely brunette into our Box Truck.

Amazed with the unique design of our truck, this Hungarian woman can't help but constantly explore the various features of our truck. Once we have her in the truck, we keep up the compliments, but even our compliments don't seem to be able to keep her in our truck. When she's putting on her coat and opening the door to leave, we try a last-minute resort: we offer her money in exchange for showing us her tits.

Pretty shy, we have a hard time getting this lovely brunette to open up. You'll be impressed when she takes off her shirt - this sporty woman has defined abs that you're really going to love. Even as we continue to talk to her, she's still covering up her perky breasts. This one is definitely hard to convince!

It takes the offer to stop filming in order to get her to agree to touch his cock - but don't worry: we kept the camera rolling when it was placed on the ground! As we reassure her that this video is only for us and that we'll pay her even more money, she begins to open up, and she soon is stroking his cock while they make-out. This lovely brunette ends up on her knees in front of our crewmember taking his full length into the back of her throat - it's clear that she's just as talented in bed as she is in the gym!

Proving our worth, we finally get this shy woman onto her back with her legs high in the area as we give you close-up shots as we finger her pussy. After spreading herself for us, his fingers are quickly replaced with his thick length, and she takes his cock as the truck's windows steam up. She gets fucked right in the middle of a busy mall parking lot! Enjoy as she takes his cock in all sorts of positions all over the truck - you're going to love her stamina and her athletic body! Don't worry: now that she's on a cock, her shyness seems to have disappeared, and she's very vocal about how much she loves her time in the truck.

After being asked where she likes to take loads, she confesses she loves it in her mouth. He pulls out, and she strokes his cock until he shoots his load all over her face and mouth.

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