Nikky Thorne starts a modeling career

When we approach this casually-dressed blonde on the street with the sounds of the city as our background, we're surprised to find how comfortable Nikky seems in front of the camera. Constantly laughing, she even takes the time to wave hello to her mother! Very outspoken, it doesn't take the blonde long to negotiate about what we're looking for and whether she can offer it. When we come to a good arrangement that she's comfortable with, she's happy and ready to come into the truck.

A financial advisor, this beautiful Hungarian woman is so open-minded, and she jumps straight into volunteering herself for erotic modeling. We start her off easy, though, as we pose her through various suggestive poses in her comfortable jeans and a professional button-up shirt. She takes direction well, and it's clear she's comfortable and in-tune with her body. With such confidence in herself, her clothing starts slipping off easily, and we soon have this slender blonde in her underwear.

With such a no-nonsense approach, when we ask this beautiful woman to masturbate for us, she just says that she'd rather have sex. She says it'd be much more fun for everyone involved - and who are we to argue? She still agrees to give masturbation a try, and she's still giggling and smiling as she watches the people walk around outside while confessing that she finds it extremely arousing to be doing this in public. For those of you who love well-trimmed bushes, you're going to enjoy the close-ups that we give you of the beautiful Nikky!

A master of dirty talking, you'll get to listen as this beautiful blonde tells you exactly how hot and arousing she's finding it to touch herself in front of the camera. We quickly offer her a ton of money to make a sex tape with us, and while giggling and proclaiming she can't believe she's agreeing, she's making her first sex tape with us. She starts off her sex tape experience with an intense make-out session that goes quickly into slipping our crewmember's hard length down her entire throat. This blonde can definitely suck, and you'll enjoy the close-up look as she takes the entire shaft!

After her passionate sucking, our crewmember can't help but slide it into her wet pussy. For those that enjoy passionate breathing and soft, whimpering moans, you're going to love the noises that our lovely Nikky makes! With intense chemistry and lots of passionate begging from our newest model, watch as these two fuck hard enough to shake the entire truck in all the imaginable positions in the bed of our truck. Ending the scene, watch Nikky receive a mouthful of cum after a very intense blowjob.

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