Petite Nomi Malone gets a Public Facial

Our first remark when we see Nomi on the street is that she's "very small", but we decide to try and chat her up anyway. A very petite woman, Nomi is a bit hostile towards us at first as she's in a bit of a hurry, but a bit of good conversation helps open her up to the possibility of hopping into our truck.

Once we have this brunette sitting inside our truck, we continue to work our magic. Single and a student in the area, she's pretty open to chatting with us, and we're quickly learning about her first lesbian experiences! After reaching such a quick comfort level with us, we're soon offering to pay her to model for some fashion photography for us - and she agrees! Though this woman is petite in size, her body does not disappoint, and it's clear that she spends hours in the gym each week.

Once we get the photo session started, the small brunette complains of being cold without her jacket. We have the best solution - let's let our crewmember help warm her up! The closeness of our crewmember leads to a make-out session that they clearly both enjoy. We soon that that we want to see more of her body, and the wallet comes out again to encourage this lovely brunette to take off her clothing.

Without her top and bra, the make-out session gets even hotter, and our crewmember starts to have to remove his clothing to make up for it. With his pants pulled down, we dare Nomi to pleasure his length, and she's soon stroking and sucking his length. For the feet lovers out there, you're going to love the next scene as this beautiful petite woman holds out her feet as he slips himself between them – right in front of the camera!

After the foot job, we want to spoil Nomi as she gets licked while you get to watch. Unlike many of the girls that make it into our truck, Nomi has quite a few piercings - including one in her pussy! Pleasuring her orally quickly leads into even more as her wet pussy demands to be filled.

Watch this sexy couple fuck all over the back of the truck - including a standing position where the two of them wave at the crowded streets outside. Enjoy the best close-up views as her pussy gets filled over and over. Watch her small, perky tits bounce as she rides his cock. Listen to her soft, gentle moans as she continually fills herself up over and over. With such hot fucking, it's no surprise that the windows of our truck start to steam up and make it hard to see the very busy streets outside.

After being fucked so well, Nomi wants to taste him in her mouth once again, and she gets on her knees in front of him for an intense blowjob. As she opens her mouth to reveal her tongue piercing, he shoots his load all over her face and mouth. The scene ends as she smiles for the camera with her face covered in cum.

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