Pamela Stanwick Fucks the Massuese

This afternoon's search happens on a dreary and cold day here in Budapest, but stumbling upon Pamela brightens our day just a bit. We want to brighten hers too, and we tell her about the new massage studio we're trying to launch in our Box Truck. Offering her a free massage in exchange for videotaping her entire experience sounds like a steal to her, and she's quick to accept our offer to step into our mobile studio.

While she admits that our truck is a bit weird once she steps in, this beautiful blonde is enamoured with watching all of the people outside as we ask her preliminary questions. We soon hand her the massage outfit we need her to change into for her massage. We promise to turn off the camera, but don't worry - we discreetly leave it running so you can watch as this slender woman tries to change while hiding her body behind a white towel.

Very conversational, Pamela expresses a bit of nervousness that all of the people outside can see her body in our massage bra and panties as she lays down on the bed to enjoy her free massage. She loves to talk, and if you love foreign languages, you're going to love listening to Pamela speak! Don't worry - we get all of the close-up shots of her smooth body being massaged just for you to watch. You'll especially enjoy as he pays special attention this blonde's curvy butt and toned abs.

Soon, his hands are starting to wander towards her more sensitive areas. While she initially resists, his hands sneak closer and closer towards her erogenous zones, and as her breathing gets more labored and the truck starts to steam up, she allows him to start to massage her pussy and breasts. The underwear soon comes off, and you'll enjoy the flirty dialogue that starts when she admits that she's been thinking dirty thoughts during the massage.

Those thoughts start to come to life when she accepts his offer for a relaxing vagina massage. Our masseuse climbs on top, and Pamela uses the massage oil to offer a teasing handjob right on top of her small, perky breasts while he pleasures her. She soon wants to move onto the third part of this rejuvenating technique, and he slides down her body to slip his thick length into her wet pussy.

Watch as Pamela gets fucked right in front of a local transit bus. Enjoy the close-ups of her face as she moans with every stroke. Taking a break from the action, this blonde gets down on her knees in front of him to worship his cock with her mouth - she would make a fantastic massuese too! She is soon leaning up against the steamy, fogged wall of our truck and taking it from behind as she watches all of the people walking around on the sidewalk in front of them. With such a hot scene in front of them, it doesn't take long until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach.

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