Pauline Cooper fucks for money

Walking along the street, our day is looking a bit brighter as we come across this beautiful French brunette who's here on a vacation. Personable and friendly, Pauline seems comfortable chatting with us. She's intrigued by our truck after we explain it, and she takes us up on our offer to show her around it.

Once she's inside, we enjoy making this brunette feel more comfortable as she tells us about her life and vacation plans. 26 years old, she tells us that she's here on vacation with her girlfriends. It doesn't take long until she's telling us about her job and how boring she finds it. We offer her the opportunity to make a lot more money with us - and it will be so much more exciting. Of course, she jumps on the opportunity! Though she starts removing her clothing, she's constantly looking around at the public around her. She's so worried that people can see into the truck!

Despite having a boyfriend, we're soon encouraging this woman to get a bit more wild in our truck. Taking photos with Pauline's phone to ensure she'll be the only one that gets them, we quickly have encouraged this woman to get a bit more comfortable with our crewmember. As the selfies continue, our crewmember has soon worked himself into the selfies with her and a bit of playful kissing dares turns into our Pauline losing her pants and panties as our crewmember pleasures her with his hands!

Extremely slender, you'll get to enjoy the look of Pauline in pleasure as she lays back and allows him to take charge of her enjoyment. Even as he has his slick tongue and fingers on her pussy, she still can't help but glance nervously outside the truck from time-to-time. As she gets turned on, she soon wants to return the favor, and his cock comes out of his pants to be slipped deep into her throat.

With such intense foreplay, it doesn't take much until the both of them have moved onto sex. He slides his thick length into her, and it's clear that she's tight and enjoying it. Watch our crewmember fucks this brunette roughly as he takes her in multiple positions around the truck. Enjoy her curvy ass bouncing as her perky breasts jiggle as they switch between many positions. With such a great visual, he can't last forever, and the scene ends as his shoots his thick load all over her face as she strokes him off.

Starring:  Pauline Cooper
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