Shona River starts a modeling career

We lucked out when we stumbled upon the gorgeous Shona River on this dreary, rainy day. With her lovely red hair, she quickly confesses that she's always dreamed of being a model - and hey, we're always interested in helping women achieve their dreams! Once we let her know we can offer her a modeling opportunity, she's eager to hop right into our truck. When we get Shona into our truck, she's happy to sit down on our casting couch and talk business - and more specifically, how much money she can work if she started her career in erotic modeling with us.

Once the camera comes out, it's clear that this red-headed woman really wants to be a model. She easily holds some of the sexiest poses we ask her to do, and if you're a fan of beautifully manicured nails, you're going to love seeing her bare hands and feet! As the photoshoot presses on, Shona is more-than-willing to remove every layer of clothing to ensure that her modeling portfolio is complete for future jobs. Tall and slender, the only time our newest client seems concerned is when she takes a second to look around her at all of the cars and people moving around just an arm's length away from her exposed body.

Finally, we give her a cash offer that she can't refuse, and she's ready for her partnered audition - after all, we need to see how she performs with a male performer, and she does perfectly! Wanting to prove her worth, this fiery redhead unzips our crewmember's jeans and goes straight to sliding it right down her warm throat. Eager to repay the favor and see how that bare pussy tastes, our crewmember can't wait until he can get between her thighs. She enjoys his administrations with breathy moans, and you'll be able to enjoy the action with a hot view of her never-ending legs and beautiful feet.

You'll understand exactly how turned on our crewmember gets as you listen to her beautiful, lust-crazed voice. Soon, he can't take the tease anymore, and he slides his rock hard length into her wet tunnel. Watching those beautiful breasts bounce is such a treat though, and when he wants her on top, she happily lets him watch her ass bounce on his lap - while you get to do the same! This slender, long-haired beauty is even great at standing positions, and you'll get to see her audition for every position we have available!

After pounding our newest model every way imaginable, the scene ends as he pulls out of her tight pussy and releases a huge load all over her stomach.

Starring:  Shona River
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