Shrima Malati slips his cock deep into her throat

We're always ready to find a beautiful woman to take back into our truck, and we're wandering the sidewalks today to find a woman suitable for the task. It doesn't take long until we find Shrima walking, in a jacket in skin tight khakis, right past us. This beautiful Russian is on her way to the gym, but she's happy to stop and chat with us for a bit. We show her some of our photography portfolio, and that's all it takes to make her phone ahead to her gym and let them know she'll be late because she's going to step into our truck.

Once this beautiful woman is inside our truck, she's pretty excited by its design. In fact, one of the first things she does is take some selfies! We jump into her photos for an excuse to get close to her, and the comfortable conversation continues. Seeing our crewmember's portfolio must have really convinced this beautiful woman as she's soon asking to get started on the shoot - and she clearly looks like a natural in front of the camera! She poses so naturally, and you'll enjoy watching the sensual look she gives the camera.

We soon bring up the idea of nude photography, and she initially laughs us off. Shrima seems a bit nervous about all of the people surrounding the truck, but she does agree to unbutton the first button of her shirt instead. Our compliments seem to do the trick, though, and Shrima is soon agreeing to unbutton her shirt while she laughs about having never done it before. Once we snap a couple shots, though, our latest model gets a bit shy and rebuttons her shirt. Well, we can't have that!

Our crewmember pulls out his wallet and offers this beautiful woman cash to remove some of her clothing. While she's reluctant at first, more money reduces her fear, and her jeans come off along with the shirt. We snap a few more photos while this nervous model poses for us in her black bra and panty set. A bit more comfortable with less clothing, it only takes a few more bills to make the bra come off and expose her small, perky breasts.

Now that we have this beautiful woman almost entirely exposed, she's much more agreeable, and a small kiss on the neck from our crewmember turns into an impromptu make-out session. Their foreplay turns into more as his hands wander between her thighs - and then her thong is removed for him to dip his head between her legs. Enjoy watching her pleasured expressions as his skilled tongue licks her neatly trimmed pussy. You'll get to enjoy listening to the sounds of her wet pussy as he slides his finger inside to get her ready for what's to come!

Before he can get inside her wet pussy, though, she wants a taste of him, and he lays back on the bed while she slips his cock deep into her throat. However, she clearly wants him in other holes, and her blowjob soon turns into more as she climbs on top of his lap to slide herself onto his cock. That position doesn't last for long, though, as the couple explores each others' bodies all over the back of our truck. Listen to their passionate breathing as she gets filled up over and over. Shrima grips the sheets of the bed with her perfectly-manicured nails as he thrusts very deep into her pussy. Watch the two of them fuck romantically in the back of our truck until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy.

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