Lesbians Caomei Bala and Sicilia Share a Powerful Vibrator until they Cum

Our favorite mornings are the mornings where we pull another woman onto our crew, and this morning, we chose to work with Sicilia! Roaming the Barcelona streets, it isn't long until we bump into the redheaded Caomei, and our blonde crewmember strikes up a friendly conversation. We let our latest conquest know that we're filming a "commercial" for a new "product for women" - and she'd be a great model for it! Of course, we offer to pay her, and the money is eventually what seals the deal and draws this beautiful woman into our truck.

We start off with a simple photoshoot with Sicilia acting as the photographer. What starts as a simple, clothed photoshoot doesn't stay that way for long, though, as we're soon offering this beautiful woman money to strip off each item of her clothing! Once Miss Bala is stripped into her matching, lacy bra and panties, we pull out the "product for women" - a powerful wand vibrator! Sicilia starts the massager on the shoulders and upper body, but after we squeeze more sexual confessions out of Caomei, the massager slowly drifts down to between our latest model's thighs.

As soon as Caomei realizes her dream for a lesbian encounter is happening right before her eyes, she's happy to take part! Watch as these two beautiful, slender women enjoy each others' bodies. Caomei gently sucks on Sicilia's nipple, and Sicilia enjoys licking out Caomei's trimmed pussy. The two of them especially enjoy the wand massager, and you're going to have to try hard not to shoot your load when you watch these two women slide the vibrator between their pussies and share it until they orgasm!

This is a lesbian public sex scene you're not going to be able to resist.

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