Sienna Day gets a cumshot on her big boobs

Back to one of the quieter areas of this popular European city, we decide to try our luck and see if we can find a beautiful woman to step into our truck. While we have to wait a bit, we see one waiting at a block up ahead, and we start filming in hopes that she'll be the one to step into our truck. With a lovely British accent, Sienna stops to chat with us a bit, and we tell her about our paid modeling opportunity - if only she'd step inside out truck. At first, she turns us down as she's here on holiday, but as we chat her up a bit more, she agrees to check out the truck in exchange for a list of good places to tour in the area.

Once we explain our truck, she's intrigued, and then she just has to see it! Her excitement doesn't go away once she sees the truck. In fact, she seems pretty comfortable with our crewmember's flirtation, and she gets into the spirit as they taunt strangers walking along the street to see if the one-way mirrored truck is exactly as it seems.

The playful banter opens her up to more, and Sienna is soon agreeing to model for us. After her complaints about her current job, we know it's time to ask for more, and our crewmember says she can qualify for even more high-paying work if she'd expose more of her skin. Though she's still nervous about the people all around them, she agrees to start stripping off the layers, and you'll enjoy watching as she pulls off her shirt and jeans. You're in for a surprise too! Her 32F breasts are absolutely gigantic, and her bra barely contains them!

Our crewmember soon knows that it's time to take the next step, and he asks if he can take it even further. She agrees with a nervous smile, and he unclasps her bra to reveal those huge tits. The camera focuses on her perfect natural breasts as they both fondle them, and then he pulls down his pants to expose exactly how aroused she's made him. With a bit of extra cash and more flirtation, she's on her knees in front of him sliding his cock down her throat. She leaves nothing to the imagination as she stuffs herself down on his length. With gagging noises as she fights to breathe between thrusts, he fucks her face, and she smiles the entire time.

After experiencing one of her holes, he's eager to try another, and the couple jumps straight into fucking. He pushes her back onto the bed and slides his thick length into her pussy while she comments about how big it is and how filled she feels. Watch her tight pussy take his length again and again while her tits bounce with every thrust. Listen to the soft moans she makes with every pound she takes, and enjoy watch her pleasured expressions in high-definition video. At the end, he pulls out of her tight pussy and strokes himself off to shoot a load all over her luscious breasts.

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