Sofia Like Proves her Worth for Future Public Erotic Photoshoots

Ready to get another girl in our truck, we head outside on this chilly day, and we're surprised to find Sofia so quickly! A beautiful Russian who's friendly and playful, we quickly talk this girl into stepping into our truck. If you love foreign accents, you're going to love our latest model! She doesn't speak a bit of English, so you'll get to listen to her lovely Russian while our crewmembers translate well enough to help you understand exactly what's going on.

Shy but friendly, this 20 year old is hoping to find a career in modeling, and when our camera comes out, she's happy to adopt some sensual poses to qualify herself to work with us. Clearly a natural in front of the camera, it's clear that she's been ready to find her place in modeling for a long time! We barely have to direct her at all. In fact, she's pulling up her dress and exposing her pantyhose and innocent, white, bikini, high-waisted panties without any direction at all.

Her clothing seems to quickly slide off, and we're recording and photographing the entire experience for you! She's soon only wearing her innocent white bra and panty set, and that comes off quickly as well! Completely comfortable with herself, she doesn't shy away from being naked in the middle of public streets - or from taking nude photos with our crewmembers. We decide to see how far that comfort level goes, and it's clear she doesn't mind being touched either! In fact, she clearly knows what she wants, and she's forward about her attraction to our crewmember.

Such a strong flirtation quickly leads to a lot of erotic foreplay, and we capture every moment as he massages her perky, natural tits and her shaved, wet pussy. Wanting to return the pleasure, Sofia soon sinks to her knees in front of him and takes his long, thick length deep into her mouth. After a lengthy blowjob that she's clearly enjoying, our crewmember bends Sofia over and slides his thick cock into her wet pussy.

Enjoy watching this tattoo'ed Russian take his cock as she stretches out on the bed while daytime traffic rushes by. Despite her pleasured moans, he clearly wants more from her, and he pulls out to lay her flat on the bed as he licks and sucks her engorged clit. After such a great warm-up, he pummels his fingers into her pussy - hitting her g-spot with every thrust. You'll get to listen to all of the sounds of her wet, juicy pussy as she lays back and enjoys the pleasure.

Thoroughly having pleasured our newest model with his mouth, he wants to continue her pleasure with other body parts. He fills up her pussy again, and you'll get to watch every second of the action in high-definition. Watch as her small, perky breasts bounce with every thrust. Enjoy the sounds of her wet pussy and her moans as she fills herself with him again and again while on top. We've captured all of the best detailed shots for you to enjoy as this couple enjoys one another all over the back of our truck! You'll even get to enjoy the ending as he pulls out to get a deep throating blowjob that causes him to shoot his load all down her throat.

Starring:  Sofia Like
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Date Added: Jun 5, 2016

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