Summer Gives a Foot Job in Public

Clearly a blonde who already had plans for the afternoon, we're happy when Summer takes a break out of her hurried walk to chat with us. Though Summer doesn't seem interested in our free massage at first, she does agree to take a look at our studio and see what all of the fuss is about – probably just so she could continue her hurried walk to her appointment.

Though the beautiful blonde seems a bit nervous when she first steps into our truck, the 20 year old quickly starts to get comfortable as we chat her up. A bit nervous in front of the camera, she looks around our studio and is extremely impressed by how she can see all of the people strolling around on the sidewalks outside. After her initial tour, she decides she'd like to take us up on her offer for a massage after all, and we offer her a thick white towel for her to remove her clothing.

We promise her privacy, but we certainly don't want you to miss out, so we leave the camera rolling as we turn around. Watch as this lovely blonde strips out of her tight jeans and her shirt - and she wasn't even wearing a bra! Summer continually glances nervously back at us to ensure we're not peaking - and she can't even help but try to cover herself with our towel as she strips off every strip of clothing!

Fully naked, our latest model lies on the bed to begin her massage as our talented crewmember oils up his hands to touch this lady's body. His hands focus on the skin of her back, thighs, and feet, and you'll get a front row seat to the entire view of this attractive woman's body! Though he continually moves closer to her erogenous zones, she seems a bit nervous and uncomfortable at first. We definitely have to make her enjoy this massage more! We focus on the safe areas of her body to help the blonde relax, and soon enough, she's allowing us to touch the best areas of her body!

Her panties are pushed to the side as he slips his fingers into her pussy with the best angles for you to see! Watch as he tongues her pussy and her ass while she moans in pleasure with her panties only pushed inches to the side. Our crewmember's hands roam all over her body, and you'll enjoy watching him grope and kiss her breasts alongside her pussy. She quickly wants to return the favor, and his pants are unzipped for her to stroke his length while he continues to warm up her body. Her stroking soon turns into a full-on blowjob, and she's bending over for a perfect view of her wet pussy as she puts his thick length into her mouth. Don't worry - we definitely got some great shots of her shaved, tight pussy.

Though this beautiful blonde climbs on top and slips his length inside of her, she still looks around nervously at all of the people walking around just outside the truck. Some of the strangers even slow down to stare into the truck as they walk by! This beauty loves taking cock, though, and she doesn't let her nervousness distract her for long. Enjoy as she slides his length in and out, moaning and breathing heavily from all of the pleasure. Listen to the sounds of her wet pussy as she gets filled over and over again. We capture all of the action in the best angles in high-definition video just for you to enjoy!

For you foot lovers out there, you're going to love the foot job Summer gives our crewmember when they take a break from fucking. Watch her feet surround a thick cock while you can see her wet pussy at the same time! She has adorable little feet with pretty, pink toenails that you're going to love! After such a stunning view of her pussy as he fucks her feet, he wants back into her hole, and you'll get to watch as Summer takes it doggy style. The camera gets a lovely close-up of her bouncing breasts from each thrust as well. A switch of positions, and she ends up laying on her back while she gets filled over and over with his length while she touches herself. The hot sight is too much for our crewmember, and he pulls out and shoots his load all over her shaved pussy.

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