Brunette Suzy Rainbow Takes it Hard in our Sex Truck

We strike out on a warm summer's day hoping to find a lovely woman to invite into our truck, and it doesn't take long until Suzy approaches us to bum a cigarette. Dressed in a thin shirt (where you can enjoy her perky nipples) with short shorts and heels, she's extremely intrigued by the truck as we let her know that we're casting models. We learn that this beautiful brunette has tried to model in the past, but her height and tattoos have kept her from the best jobs - and she's extremely excited to give it a try again!

We lead her into the truck, and the talkative brunette is soon posing for her preliminary modeling portfolio shots. Though the slender brunette is comfortable with her body, we have to constantly reassure her as she glances nervously around at the busy public street that's only feet from where she's posing. Soon, we're pitching the idea of bikini and lingerie modeling to Suzy. Letting her know we need to see more of her body to qualify, she's quickly demanding payment to expose her skin - this beautiful woman knows how much she's worth!

We're happy to hand her the bills, and Suzy removes her crop top and high-waisted shorts and continues to pose in front of the camera in her matching purple lingerie. The skimpy lingerie allows you to see her beautiful tattoos as she playfully poses in front of our camera. This confident woman is soon negotiating for even more pay as she agrees to remove the purple set to stand entirely exposed in our truck parked in a busy street.

With a bit of laughter, Suzy soon has our crewmember's length slid down her throat. After giving it a few teasing sucks, our crewmember is pleasuring this beautiful, slender brunette with his tongue and hands. As they alternate pleasuring each other, you'll get all of the best angles to enjoy the action. Listen to her breathy gasps and sloppy slurping as she takes his full length to the back of her throat with a rough blowjob partnered with spanking.

Listen to his dirty words as he slides his thick length into her wet pussy. Not taking time to adjust, the couple quickly starts fucking roughly enough to push the bed into the wall - and shake the entire truck as people walk around right outside. After such an intense bout of rough sex, the couple slows down to enjoy each other's bodies more gently with the hot weather. Regaining their energy, the couple resumes the passionate, rough fucking they've been doing as she rides his cock in doggy style before slipping into woman on top. Suzy fucks him all over the truck until he finally can't take anymore and pulls out of her tight hole to shoot his load all over her pussy.

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