Sweet Cat sucks a huge cock near the Port of Prague

We wanted a bit of a change of scenery this afternoon when we took our truck all the way out to the Port of Prague. After all, who wouldn't want to have sex in the Port of Prague? Lucky for us, our adventure paid off this afternoon. The Sweet Cat was bundled up near the chilly port on her way to work. Though she's a bit frustrated at our interruption as she's late for work, she can't say no when we offer her a free massage in the back of our truck!

Though she's a bit nervous as she steps into our truck, she's still in a hurry for work, so she wants to jump straight into the free massage we've promised. As she stands in the corner of the truck and asks for privacy, our crewmembers turn around and promise not to look. Don't worry though - we put the camera down and secretly film as this hot blonde strips naked and changes into the thin bra and panty set that we've provided. Unlike many of the women in our truck, Cat turns around to remark that our camera is watching her - but we assure her that it's off.

Now that the beautiful woman feels more comfortable and is changed into her massage attire, we jump straight into the massage she's been wanting. Clearly ready to enjoy every second of of her sex massage in public, Sweet Cat jumps straight into enjoying the attention of our massuese. After you watch this slender woman's body get entirely coated in our massage oil, we choose to ask this beautiful woman a question: is she attracted to our masseuse? Well, she says yes, and our crewmember knows it's time to push things a bit further. While this lovely blonde resists his wandering hands at first, it only takes a bit more seducing before she's allowing our crewmember to squeeze and massage her thick ass.

Once we've gotten started, it's clear his wandering hands have made her pussy wet as she lets his fingers slide between her thighs to massage her most intimate areas. His fingers slip inside her wet hole, and you'll love looking at this curvy woman's beautiful body. Her ass is fantastic! She clearly loves his attention, and after his hands massage her clit, she clearly wants every inch of his body.

After questioning whether all of the tourists right outside the truck can see her body, she begins to undress our crewmember. She clearly wants him! Once she's stripped off every inch of his clothing, she pushes him back onto the bed and slides his hard length into her throat. You'll enjoy the camera angle of her beautiful, curvy ass as she bobs her head up and down on his length. Look right between her thighs at her beautiful, shaved pussy as she spends a long time worshipping his cock before climbing on top of him and sliding that cock inside of her for the pleasure she's been working for.

This blonde knows exactly what she wants, and you'll love watching her pleasured expressions as she uses him like a sex toy while she fingers herself while riding his cock. She loves being on top, and she has the energy to keep up as she impales herself again and again for hardcore sex in public. Enjoy watching this adventurous woman try all sorts of new sex positions in the back of our truck. Look at her beautiful, oiled body as she gets filled up again and again. View all of the scene in high-definition video while you watch her lips open in pleasure for each moan. You'll especially love as you get to watch this beautiful blonde lay back and enjoy his fingers and lips as she gets brought to an Earth-shattering orgasm.

Of course, pleasure can't go on forever, and this steamy public sex scene ends as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her oiled pussy.

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