Szilvia Lauren surprised by the lesbian model agent

Who doesn't want to see two women have sex? We love it, and we're sure you do too. This morning, we hired a lovely brunette woman to pretend to be a crewmember of our truck. Though our faux crewmember is clearly a bit nervous, she still manages to walk up to Miss Lauren and introduce herself. With a bit of rapport, Gina, our fake crewmember, talks Szilvia, our latest model, into stepping into our truck for a photoshoot.

Once Szilvia is in the truck, it becomes clear that she's going to agree to our photoshoot. She's astounded by the uniqueness of the truck, and as our crewmember helps make our newest model feel a bit more comfortable, Miss Lauren confesses that she once made out with another woman. Though she's slow to admit that she still has lesbian fantasies, she does confess that she's thought about it before. Gina, our crewmember, takes her chance to surprise our latest model with even more: Gina discloses that she's a lesbian and finds Szilvia attractive! While it makes Szilvia blush, the older woman initially seems too uncomfortable to go along with it. Once our crewmember explains that Szilvia can say "no" at any time, though, with no obligations, and nobody has to know, Szilvia begins to get more comfortable with another woman's touch.

Our crewmember's seduction starts off slowly, and while Szilvia initially giggles out of nervousness, the older woman quickly begins to relax into the younger woman's touch. Soft, gentle caresses begin to slowly remove clothing as Szilvia learns to enjoy being the center of attention in our truck. Playing the receptive partner, our latest model learns to lay back as our crewmember seduces her. These two hotties kiss, make-out, and enjoy each other's bodies while the camera captures every second of their passion in high-definition video for you to enjoy!

After our crewmember has begun to relax the older woman, Szilvia seems a bit more comfortable touching our crewmember. Her touches start off tentative and slowly gain in confidence as she strokes our crewmember's back and hair. Even so, Szilvia can't help but blush and giggle as our crewmember finally undresses her into her bra and panties on our couch. The nervousness continues as our crewmember pulls off the older woman's panties and settles her face in between Szilvia's legs to lick her trimmed pussy. Our crewmember slides a finger into the newest model's audibly wet pussy to join in her pleasurable administrations as she licks the older woman's clit at the same time.

Once Szilvia can't take any more of being the center of attention, the older woman pulls our crewmember up, and the two women lay naked next to each other. While they both passionately make out on our couch, their hands dip between each other's thighs to finger each others' pussies. Once their hands aren't enough, our crewmember teaches Szilvia how to get into the 69 position, and these two hotties lick each other's wet pussies at the same time! Hardcore sex in public has never looked so hot as these two lesbians lick each other while people walk right by on the street just feet away from them.

Not satisfied with just tongues and fingers, the toys come out, and you'll get to listen as Szilvia moans passionately while our crewmember fucks her with a realistic vibrator. Even Szilvia finally gets comfortable with being the sole provider as she gives our crewmember an orgasm using only her fingers and mouth on the younger woman's pussy. You're going to love watching the younger woman's spasms and moans as she enjoys Szilvia's first attempt at licking another woman. The older woman pulls out a wand vibrator and gives the younger woman even more orgasms to end her lesbian experimentation, and then these two hotties form a final intimate connection as they make-out for the camera.

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