Tia Malkova gets Fucked in Public with a Creampie

We're enjoying the nice weather this morning when we come across the gorgeous Tia walking along the sidewalk as she heads to work. Though she's annoyed with us at first, she finally agrees to chat with us a bit after we pursue her. A short conversation reveals that this beautiful blonde doesn't feel particularly happy with her job and her limited salary, and it opens up the conversation to offering her a chance to make even more money stepping into our truck and getting in front of the camera. Hearing about money makes her a bit more agreeable, and our newest model steps right into the truck.

18 years old, it doesn't take much until this beautiful woman is standing in various poses around our truck in her vibrant, skimpy dress. Though she said she's new to modeling, she seems comfortable with her body and her sexuality, and she's constantly striking sexy poses without even being asked! Even our crewmember remarks that she's a natural as she plays with her hair and bites her lips without being asked!

When we let her know that she could be a good candidate for lingerie campaigns and the only way she can qualify is by showing her skin, the blonde seems hesitant, but willing, to remove her dress as well. With a slow striptease where you get to watch all of the fun, Tia is soon posing in our van with only her bra and panties. The confident woman doesn't seem to even worry about all of the people going by only feet away from where she's standing in her lingerie!

With her willingness to make money, we're soon pitching her the idea of working with us on an erotic basis. While she's intitially against the idea, as we open our wallets and show her the cash that we're going to give her right there, she's willing to strip off her underthings just for you to see! Watch the lovely close-up shots of her most intimate areas as she strips off her matching lace bra and panties in front of the camera. As the camera starts to get close and personal, it seems that our latest model is starting to enjoy the attention.

After we finish all of the photos, we decide to offer her another opportunity: in exchange for even more cash, she'll allow our crewmember to touch and kiss all over her body. As the entire exchange has started to arouse our beautiful blonde, she quickly agrees to our offer, and our crewmember quickly dives into touching and licking her pussy after having waited this entire photoshoot. She certainly seems grateful for his attention, and it doesn't take much until she's sliding his length down her throat as he continues to hit her g-spot with his talented fingers. With such passionate interest in pleasuring one another, it's no surprise that they end up in a 69 position with her on top as you get to enjoy watching all of the intimate action.

After working each other up to the peak of arousal, it's time to enjoy their bodies coming together as he lays her back on the bed to slip his rock hard length into her wet pussy. Intermingling choking and intense make-out sessions with Tia as he fucks her roughly, it's no surprise that she seems eager to continue their enjoyable coupling in multiple positions all over the truck.

If you love creampies, you're going to love the end of this scene. After such an intense fucking, he shoots his entire load into her tight pussy, and you'll enjoy watching it drip back out after he slides out.

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