Tiffany Doll gets a yoni massage

Though today was a pretty awful and rainy day, we managed to bring an umbrella - and that's our "in" to meet up with Tiffany! Standing under an awning, we offer her some shelter underneath our umbrella while she waits for her friend to show up. A beautiful brunette, we enjoy conversing with this woman until her friend texts her to let her know that she's not coming. With such a disappointment starting her day, we decide it's the perfect time to offer a free massage to this beautiful woman.

Once this slender woman is in our truck, we introduce our male crewmember who will be doing the massage today. We promise to give this slender woman privacy as she changes - but don't worry! We keep the camera trained directly on this beautiful woman's body as she casually slides off all of her clothing and changes into a skimpy white bra and panty set that we've provided.

Once she's changed, you'll get to enjoy the view of her body as our crewmember takes his time massaging her toned back. The massage quickly progresses as he unsnaps her bra fastener to get access to more skin. The panties are quickly pulled down for full access to the large muscles in her butt. Enjoy watching as her soft, squishy parts are squeezed in our crewmember's hands while you get the best angles to enjoy the action.

Our masseuse is soon recommending the "yoni massage" - a massage for some of her most private areas. She agrees to the massage, and after relaxing into the sensations, she begins to enjoy this new type of massage as his slick fingers slide all over her exposed pussy. Now warmed up, his "yoni massage" moves to internal stimulation, and his fingers slip inside her wet body to pleasure her even more.

Relaxed from such a great massage, the brunette wants to return the favor, and her hand quickly ends up stroking his length. It doesn't take long until she decides to swap her mouth for her hand, and he's soon taking advantage of her oral sex skills. He fucks her throat to his heart's content before deciding it's time to be inside her.

Watch Tiffany ride his long length in positions around the truck including girl-on-top, spooning, and more. Listen to her soft, pleasured whimpers as he fills her up again and again. If you love long hair, you're going to love Tiffany! Enjoy as he roughly rides her pussy from behind as he pulls on her hair. Taking her from behind, the scene ends as he pulls out and shoots a load all over her ass and pussy.

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