Tiffany Leiddi Squirts while Using a Vibrator

Last time we let Julie pretend to be a crewmember, we found it so much easier to convince a hot woman to come back into our truck! What we didn't know was that Julie already had a girlfriend! Lucky for us, Julie told her girlfriend, Tiffany, what she had been up to, and Tiffany wanted a chance to experience the magical massage truck for herself! Julie's girlfriend strips down into her black bra and panties while Julie strips off her top and bra to release her full, huge breasts, and the two of them enjoy massaging one another - and using up a lot of our warmed massage oil in the process!

With such an erotic backdrop for the exploration of each other's bodies, it's no surprise that this massage starts to turn into a sex massage in public. Julie's fingers find their way into Tiffany's shaved and wet pussy, and it doesn't take long until our "faux crewmember" has brought out the powerful wand massager - while another crewmember offers to help by fucking Julie's pussy with a dildo at the same time! This intense, pleasurable treatment continues until Julie orgasmically squirts all over the bed!

With Tiffany's orgasm still fresh on her mind, she wants to help her girlfriend feel the same pleasure, and Tiffany focuses all of her attention on Julie's pussy. Tiffany alternates sex toys, her fingers, and her mouth on Julie's body until Julie has an intense orgasm!

This is a lesbian sex scene in public you're going to want to see!

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