Tyra Moon gets a cumshot on her ass

While looking around for the newest addition to our site, we spot this lovely brunette in a hurry along the sidewalk. When we catch up with Tyra Moon, she seems particularly annoyed about being bothered, but we quickly discover it's because she's not quite as fluent in English as we had hoped. However, with a bit of quick translation and information about the modeling job that we're looking to hire her for, she's interested in hopping into our truck to learn more about the opportunity.

If you love foreign women, you're going to enjoy watching our interactions with our newest model. 23 years old, this beautiful woman is comfortable answering our translated questions, but she seems a bit shy once we begin to delve into the types of erotic modeling that we think she'd be great for. Once we start to take her preliminary modeling shots, you're going to find your eyes drawn to this beautiful woman's thick, luscious lips! As the clothes start to come off, though, you'll fall in love with her body!

Smiling as she stands exposed in the middle of the street in her stunning white lingerie set, she enjoys having the camera's attention on her. Once we mention removing the lingerie, however, she's slow to agree until we start showing her the money. Though she gets comfortable modeling entirely naked for us, it isn't until we show her more bills that she agrees to let our male crewmember get involved for a hardcore, explicit scene.

Enjoy watching as Tyra gets onto her knees to thoroughly worship our crewmember's cock before he chooses to return the favor and pleasures her pussy from behind as she leans over on all fours. After he's prepared that pussy, it doesn't take long until he's sliding his length deep into her as she takes it in doggy style. Don't worry - you get the best view as you get to enjoy her breathy moans of pleasure as traffic races by only a few feet from where they're fucking.

The couple continues to passionately fuck in every area of our truck while you get to enjoy all of the action. Watch the brunette's belt and tits swing with every thrust while they enjoy each other. You'll get some of the best POV and close-up shots you could possible imagine as this brunette's thick ass bounces on his cock. Enjoy the high-quality video as this couple switches between intense sex and deep blowjobs, and of course, watch as she receives a huge load shot up all over her back.

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