Vanessa Decker is cheating on her boyfriend

We're getting ready to give up this morning after we decided to hit the streets early and see what types of attractive single women are up in the earliest hours of the day. As we soon find out, it isn't many. However, we don't want to go home empty-handed, and we decide we're up for the challenge of trying to seduce a woman who's out here with her partner. They'd been enjoying the morning view of the river, and they seem comfortable talking to us. After a bit of initial conversation, we get straight to the point: we're looking for a woman to receive a free massage for us in exchange for letting us videotape her relaxing time within our truck.

Of course, her boyfriend is extremely suspicious, and he doesn't seem too interested in our proposal - even as his girlfriend seems excited to have been chosen. We watch as the couple has a pretty heated discussion right in front of us about whether she should be allowed to enjoy herself, and after Vanessa spends a bit of time convincing him, she steps into our truck to check out the place she'll be getting her massage.

Excited to get straight to it, this brunette happily accepts her massage clothing and begins to strip naked to change into her bra and panties. Though she's worried that anyone can see in (including her boyfriend who's trying to peak into the truck!), we reassure her that it's entirely private, and you'll enjoy watching as this lovely woman changes into a strapless massage bra and boyshort panties while thinking that we've shut off our camera.

Once she's changed, though, she's happy to lay on the bed and begin our massage. Though Vanessa clearly starts off stressed about the entire ordeal, she begins to relax into our crewmember's touch as he uses his talented hands to rub all of her tense muscles. He's soon relaxed her enough to have her agreeing to strip off her strapless bra top - which was barely containing her large breasts as it was! After revealing the supple skin to our camera, she receives a relaxing breast massage, and you'll love listening to her soft, relaxed moans.

However, there's soon a rude awakening during her massage as her phone rings loudly and she has to answer it - and it's her boyfriend right outside the truck. He's annoyed about having to wait, and the beautiful brunette has to calm him down, but you'll still get to enjoy our crewmember's hands all over her body while she talks on the phone. After calming him down, she can get back to enjoying her massage as our crewmember moves her body around into unique positions for better access to her muscles while the camera captures the barest hint of her pussy lips poking out from underneath her massage panties.

When our crewmember's hands get near her pussy, she seems uncomfortable, but we have a solution for that. We pull out a large wand massager vibrator and use it on her pussy instead. Enjoy the steady buzz of the powerful massage with Vanessa's pleasured moans in the background as he stimulates her neatly trimmed pussy. She's a vocal woman, and maybe her boyfriend can hear her moans outside the truck as her phone is soon loudly ringing again. As the windows of the truck steam up from the passion, though, Vanessa chooses to ignore her phone and instead makes out with our crewmember.

Wanting to hear this beautiful brunette make even more noise, our crewmember slides his face between her legs and eats her out while the camera captures some of the best angles. She's clearly ready and waiting for more, and his tongue is replaced with his hard length as he fills her up from behind while using a wand massager on her clit at the same time. He knows what she wants, and he's fucking her deep. She moans and writhes under the pleasure while the boyfriend stands right outside the truck with clear annoyance.

Our crewmember's clothes soon come off as he wants to enjoy some of her other talents, and she sits on the bed in front of him to slide his thick meat into the back of her throat. He only enjoys that for a bit before deciding her wet pussy is what he really wants, and she's soon bending over with her ass in the air for him to roughly fuck her from behind. Enjoy watching as she takes his rough thrusts while gripping onto the bedsheets underneath her in passion. This intense position turns into another, and this couple enjoys rough sex all over the back of our truck while she nearly screams in pleasure. As her moans finally reach a peak, he pulls out and shoves his fingers in instead and hits her g-spot hard enough to make this beautiful brunette squirt all over the bed! After such an erotic sight, our crewmember shoves himself back into her and pounds even harder, and it doesn't take him long to shoot his load all over her perky ass.

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