Vicky Love fucks the masseur while her husband's waiting outside

We're feeling a competitive morning this morning, and when our cameraman challenges our male star to pick up a couple, our actor chooses to take him up on it! The next attractive couple we catch in our sights is Vicky Love with her husband. Using a classic excuse, we let them know that our scheduled model didn't show, and we say we'd love to give the gorgeous, raven-haired Vicky a free massage in exchange for agreeing to be filmed inside of our truck! Of course, this is definitely a harder deal to close than usual as her husband gives us suspicious looks throughout the entire pitch.

However, the couple agrees to step into our truck and check it out before deciding. Vicky is enamored with the truck and the idea that she can receive a massage while looking at some of the most historic parts of the city! It doesn't take long until she's agreeing to our massage, and her husband begrudingly steps outside the truck to wait for his wife to finish the massage.

The instant he's out of our truck, we hand her a bra and panties to change into. We turn around, promising her privacy - but don't worry! We placed the camera on the carpet in order to discreetly continue filming as this woman strips naked in the middle of our truck without any concern for all of the people walking by outside the truck - or her husband waiting right outside in vision of the camera. Once she's changed into the bra and panties, our newest massage client lies face-down on the bed to enjoy her free massage.

While we start with lots of compliments for Vicky as we massage her beautiful legs, she's clearly nervous about the massage - and about our crewmember's intentions. With her husband waiting just outside, our crewmember knows he's going to have to be tactful and slowly introduce this black-haired beauty into the sexual aspects of the massage. Vicky is clearly a challenge for him, and it takes him quite a bit of teasing and encouragement in order to get this lovely woman to relax.

With enough attention, however, Vicky starts to relax under his careful hands as he massages the tension out of her body - even as her husband tries to peek inside of the truck. His hands keep getting closer and closer to touching her pussy - and each time she lets him go a little further - even while nervously eyeing her husband who's right outside the truck. After spending so much time relaxing her, she's finally offering to pull off her panties, and her legs spread as she agrees to enjoy our crewmember's special "yoni massage" - while her husband tries to look into the truck yet again. His fingers soon turn into more, and she's allowing him to put his face between her thighs to make sure she enjoys every second of our special massage.

After making her the center of attention for so long, she's reaching into his underwear to pull out his hard length, and she jerks him off while he strips off the rest of her clothes. Her hand soon turns into her mouth, and our crewmember pushes her head down his length for hot facefucking action while our crewmember taunts the unknowing husband with what his wife is doing.

Both of them ready for more after spending the entire massage pleasuring one another, she finally takes the full plunge to cheat on her husband as our crewmember pushes his length into her wet pussy. They both love it rough, and they both know the time is counting down on the half-hour time limit they promised the husband. He shoves his length in and out of her hole, and you'll get to watch as her breasts bounce with every thrust. She rides on top just as passionately as he fucked her - even as she fucks his length with her husband right in the background. Enjoy the close-up shots of her nearly-hairless pussy as she gets stretched over and over with every thrust.

Wanting to experience another hole all over again, he pulls out and she gets on her knees to suck him and jerk him as he gets close to finishing. With her husband right in the background, Vicky looks our crewmember right in the eye as she strokes him as his load shoots all over her face.

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