Vivien Bell Agrees to Film an Erotic Video

Though it had been a slow day, our day was instantly a bit brighter when we saw the gorgeous Vivien Bell walking our way. Dressed in a form-fitting and short pink and white dress, she stood out - and we knew we had to talk to her. Though she doesn't speak much English, we're able to talk to this smiling woman in her native language. As we continually compliment this lovely woman, she seems to warm up to the idea of being paid to model - after all, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Though a bit nervous about the idea at first, she agrees to at least come see the truck and learn more about what we'd require from her during her audition. A bit strapped for cash, the lovely raven-haired woman is open to posing for us once we offer her the opportunity to earn money. With such a short dress and long, lean legs, it doesn't take long until our newest model is posing some of the most teasing manners possible. Once the money comes out, though, she's willing to show more skin - for the right price.

Soon, our newest girl is down to her bra and panties - and of course, this innocent woman is wearing a matching set in white! She isn't in the set for long, though! After we offer more money, this shy woman strips off her bra to expose her small, perky breasts. Though she initially resists our attempts to remove her panties, she gets much less shy when the cash comes out - and she's soon standing naked in front of us while people, including a delivery guy, walk around on the sidewalk behind her!

We want to see her in action, though, and it takes a big stack of bills to get her to agree to make an erotic video with us. She starts off on her hands and knees in front of our photographer as he gently fucks her mouth. Wanting to bring her into the action, it doesn't take long until Vivien is standing on the bed, pressed up against the truck's wall, as she takes his full length into her pussy. Enjoy watching as the walls of the truck bounce with each one of his thrusts - there's no way what they're doing is entirely hidden outside the truck anymore!

You'll get to watch some of the most detailed positions as these two fuck in various positions around our truck. Watch Vivien's perky breasts bounce with every thrust, and listen to her passionate, breathy moans as she's repeatedly filled to the hilt. After getting to watch them explore most of the spots around our truck, the scene ends as he shoots his load all over her lower back and ass.

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