Vivien Blonde gives a blowjob

We spent the morning trying to find the perfect woman on the sidewalks, and spotting the lovely Vivien meant our hunt was over. Striking up a casual conversation with the blonde as we ask for a light, she warms up to us as we mention that we're looking to photograph her for a modeling portfolio. Though still skeptical, she agrees to come with us when we let her know that we'll be paying her to work with us.

Soon, we have her posing in front of her camera. Requiring a lot of instruction as a brand new model who's never been in front of the camera, she slowly seems to get more comfortable as the session goes on. With such a comfortable rapport with our photographer crewmember, she decides to make a bet that he can't guess the tattoo she has covered underneath her panties. Somehow, he manages to guess her predictable tattoo correctly, and she loses the bet and has to remove her bra.

Once the clothing starts coming off, it doesn't take much more to convince her to lose more of her coverage in exchange for money. Enjoy watching as her top comes off to expose her large, natural breasts. Soon, the pants come off to reveal her lacey pink panties. Our posing gets much more involved, but Vivien takes direction well, and we're getting quite a few fantastic shots to share with you!

With all of our involved posing, it doesn't surprise us when she admits that she's feeling pretty horny after all of this. Our photographer pulls out his wallet yet again, and she laughs embarrasingly knowing that he's soon going to ask her for something more. For a bit more cash, she's sliding his length down her throat and experiencing a rough mouth-fucking like she's probably never had before! He's a pro at making her take it, and she's soon gagging, choking, and gasping for breath as she pleasures his length.

After such a good blowjob, she doesn't complain when he pulls her body to the edge of the bed to repay the favor with his hands and mouth. Once he's primed her body with his talented tongue, he wants to be inside her, and he's pulling her on top of him to fill her up with his length. Her pussy must be extremely tight as you can hear her breathing as she focuses to take his cock to the hilt. The scene ends as he pulls out and cums all over her abs.

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