Yasmin Scott has Public Sex on Valentine's Day

Thinking Valentine's Day might be the best day to find some of the single, horny women who don't have a partner, we're out on the prowl. Luck is on our side, though, and we see the beautiful Yasmin Scott out on an otherwise-quiet day. An Austrailian, this beautiful woman has an exotic look that instantly attracted us to her. Here to tour the area with her boyfriend, we approach her to offer her a limited time promotion: a free erotic photo session that she can give her boyfriend as a gift for the holidays.

While we can't seal the deal on the street, we do manage to intrigue her enough to agree to come check out our Box Truck. She's so excited by the entire truck and everything it features, and she absolutely loves it. She's quickly making herself at home on the bed of our truck as she agrees to take part in our photoshoot. It's clear that her attraction and flirtation with our smooth crewmember is part of the reason why!

When we're offering her money to strip off her clothes, she surprises us by being the first woman we've had to turn down the money! Stating that she's not that kind of girl, she says she'd rather just have sex in the truck for fun - and because she's extremely attracted to our crewmember. Even after such a passionate first kiss, the two of them continue to flirt and learn more about each other. With such a playful personality, when our crewmember dares Yasmin to test out the truck by flashing random couples on the street, she, of course, agrees! After she's enjoyed the features of the truck, with her breasts exposed, our crewmember takes his own time enjoying her large, perky breasts.

Soon, her pants are coming off, and you'll get to enjoy the view as he shoves her thin thong panties to the side to finger and lick her already-wet pussy. She alternates touching herself with him pleasuring her, and it doesn't take long until his thick length is right next to her mouth, and she takes it deeply and roughly as she touches herself. She's the queen of sloppy, intense deep throating as she gets spit everywhere as she chokes on his length.

If you love women talking dirty, you're going to fall in love with Yasmin Scott! Thoroughout this video, she constantly describes the action - and she's certainly vocal about it. When she starts begging for his cock, he's happy to give it to her, and these two fuck so roughly that it's surprising that no one outside the truck knows! Watch the best angles as the camera captures the detailed close-ups shots and every minute of the action.

With such an intense fucking session, it's no surprise that the windows of our truck are entirely steaming up throughout the scene. After fucking this brunette until she cums all over his cock, he pulls out and releases a huge load all over her smiling face.

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