Zazie Skymm Publically Fucks the Erotic Photographer

As Zazie Skymm went out for her morning walk, I'm not sure she expected her day would end like this! When we approach her in the middle of the sidewalk to invite her inside the truck to discuss our movie opportunity, she seems more-than-happy to oblige. Once inside, the gorgeous blonde feels comfortable removing her cold-weather clothing to reveal the playful tunic and leggings combination she's wearing underneath. As we talk to the leggy blonde, we learn that she's 21 years old. Her grasp of the English language is a bit tenuous, but it makes her all the more attractive – especially if you love foreign accents.

Despite being a student at the local university who's never had modeling experience, Zazie warms up quickly to the camera when we start snapping photos of her beautiful body. Once we start into the photoshoot, our newest model agrees to start removing her clothing to show off her sexy body. As we see more and more of her skin, this playful blonde starts to get more and more shy. Taking cautious looks around the truck at the people milling around outside, she shyly tries to cover up her now-exposed body.

As she relishes in the attention we're giving her, our lovely blonde starts to feel more comfortable in front of the camera - even as she worries that everyone outside the truck can see her sexy naked body. When our photoshoot requires that she begin to finger herself, she quickly gets into the action and agrees to let our male star tongue her most intimate areas. The pleasurable oral quickly turns into stroking him off as he slides his fingers into her.

When our short-haired blonde starts to get flush with pleasure, she drops her head into his lap to take his cock into the back of her throat - even while the sirens of a busy city go off all around them. After he can't take anymore of her talented mouth, he pulls her to the edge of the couch to slide inside her tight pussy. After taking her on her back, he lays back on the couch and lets her ride him - which she does with a lot of enthusiasm as her pert breasts bounce in his face. As these two lovers continually switch up the positions, you're going to be impressed by how many different ways they find to fuck on the couch!

The scene ends with Zazie taking spurts of cum down her throat from her enviable blowjob skills.

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